Technological Innovation

Our software is decades ahead of the competition’s. As a technology-enabled company, CAPS offers progressive software solutions that address the entertainment industry’s payroll and accounting needs. 

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Solution-Based Client Service

CAPS develops products and services that solve clients’ payroll and production accounting-related problems. Here is what makes our solution-based service exceptional:

  • Clients have a clear voice in shaping the features and functionality of our software products
  • We employ a pro-active, solution-based approach rather than a re-active one
  • Technology is intended to complement our first-rate customer service, not replace it
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Our agility rests on our entrepreneurial ethos. We respond rapidly to our clients’ needs and requirements. Our investment in technology allows us to release product enhancements every two months. And, CAPS is the most diverse payroll company in the industry, processing over 600,000 checks and 130,000 W2’s per year across multiple entertainment markets, including featurestelevisioncommercialsmusic toursfestivals, and venues. All that makes us uniquely adaptable and actionable to service our clients.

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