Tax Incentives

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CAPS Production Tax Incentive Services assist clients in maximizing the amount of tax rebate or credit they are entitled to. Our services and expertise include:

  • Knowledgeable, no-cost consultation on the tax incentive process in each state
  • Strong working relationships with film and finance offices in each state
  • Most current and accurate resources to assist you in making critical budgetary decisions
  • All applicable state incentive payroll reporting for clients, film offices and auditors, per each state’s specific requirements

In addition, CAPS offers a full-service administrative program, which manages the entire process on your behalf, from application through audit.

  • Initial application filing
  • Identification and substantiation of qualified payroll and vendor expenditures
  • Documentation assembled for review per each state’s audit guidelines
  • Referrals for state licensed CPAs when required
  • Responses to audit questions and requests for additional information
  • Updates to clients throughout the entire process
  • Broker referral and monitoring of the sale of tax credit through independent brokers
  • No upfront fees: payment is due when your credit is awarded

To get started, email us at or call 310-280-0755 ext. 2278.