Tax Incentives

Lights, Camera, Incentives


CAPS Tax Incentive Division is your qualified production incentive manager for the entire incentive process. Our team of experts can guide you in making informed tax incentive decisions before you shoot as well as offer planning opportunities to qualify your production expenditures incurred out-of-state but used in certain film production jurisdictions.

CAPS manages the filing of your incentive paperwork in pre-production, principal photography, and post production, files the initial certification paperwork, tracks the project through production, prepares the final application and necessary backup, so you get your refund in a timely manner. CAPS does the work, you get the credit!

  • Maximize your production tax benefits in incentive-friendly states
  • Customize payroll reports and guidance to accurately track qualified fringes pursuant to  applicable requirements
  • Receive expert guidance to help maximize your U.S. and foreign incentives
  • Obtain coordination and representation of your production with the applicable film office or local branch of government administering the film incentive

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